How to use hashtags on social media

When scrolling through social media it’s hard not to come across hashtags. Hashtags can increase the reach of your post and allow more people to find you, but you must choose them carefully and do your research. It can be tempting to just chuck in loads at once to increase your chances of being spotted by as many people as possible, but you know the good ole saying quality not quantity, well this applies here too.   

Hashtag sizes

The more popular the hashtag, the more posts there will be, meaning tougher competition to appear at the top. Hashtags can be split into 3 different sizes depending on how many other people are using them in their posts. 

  • Small: 0-250k posts

  • Medium: 250k-1m posts

  • Big: 1m+ posts

We would recommend using a mixture of small, medium and big hashtags to increase your chances of being discovered. Here’s a breakdown of types of hashtags you should use depending on how many followers you have:

  • 0-1k = 20 small + 8 medium + 2 big

  • 1-10k = 20 small + 6 medium + 4 big

  • 10-50k = 15 small + 10 medium + 5 big

  • 50k+ = 10 small + 15 medium + 5 big

Different types of hashtags

Now you know how many hashtags to use, but which ones should you actually include? From #mondaymotivation to #wodlife, here’s a list of the main hashtag categories and a few examples:

Product/service orientated, e.g. #activewearbrand #gymclothing #sustainableactivewear #ecoclothing 

Instagram communities in your industry, e.g. #crossfitcommunity, #gymlife 

Events/season, e.g. #nationalfitnessday #newyearsresolution #newyearnewgoals

Location, e.g. #norfolkfitness #norwichfitness #norfolkbusiness 

Daily hashtags, e.g. #mondaymotivation #wellnesswednesday #tuesdaytips

Acronyms, e.g. #wodlife (workout of the day life) #fitspo (fitness inspiration), #homewod (home workout of the day)

Quotes, e.g. #nopainnogain, #gohardorgohome, #trainhard, #stayfitdontquit

Unique brand hashtags, e.g. #vha #vhouseofapparel

If you’re still stuck on what hashtags to use, All is a great website to find and analyse the most relevant hash