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How to enhance your business from home

It's hard to know how to promote and generate business during this time of uncertainty. With many businesses temporarily closed or now working from home, you may be thinking it's just impossible. But here's 4 things you can do to enhance your business from home.

Start a blog 

Blogs are a great way to reach new people and spur conversation. Tips and tricks, advice and personal blogs are of the most popular topics. People gravitate towards openness, especially during a time of uncertainty, so providing a talking-point platform is very beneficial for your business as well as your customers. 

If you’re creating your very first blog, then why not start with an introduction about yourself and your business; a bit of background information to set the scene and make it more personal. People relate to people, not just the business.  

Build your network and contacts 

Networking doesn't necessarily have to happen face-to-face anymore, due to the likes of social media. Why not spend an afternoon scouring through LinkedIn and connecting with new contacts or messaging influencers on Instagram who could help market your business. The great thing about social networking is that you can connect with a wider variety of people than you can face-to-face, including celebrities, influencers and top people in the business world. You never know what could happen unless you try.

Expand your knowledge and skills 

Use this time to learn a new skill and increase your business knowledge, whether that be taking an online course in web development or brushing up on your Excel skills - you'll be thanking yourself later. We all complain that there isn’t enough time in the day, but now there really is, so take this opportunity to broaden your horizons. 

Plan your next move

Just one hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing. So imagine what a few weeks of planning could save you in the long run! This is the perfect time to make a plan for your business; what direction do you see it heading in, what do you want to achieve and how will you get there? 

For instance, planning a new campaign for your clothing brand requires you to first decide the campaign concept, then choose a photoshoot location, hire models, a photographer, a makeup and hair artist and organise the pieces of clothing you want to shoot. This all takes time, but using this time now means you’ll be well prepared when things return to normal and the shoot can take place quicker than usual. 

If you’re interested in enhancing your business by creating a clothing collection, then we can help! Get in touch with us by clicking here and we can turn your ideas into reality. 

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