How we help start-ups create a clothing collection

Are you thinking about launching your own clothing brand but have no idea where to even start? We can certainly help!

Usually when creating a collection, you would go to a fashion designer to design your collection and create the tech packs, then you'd have to find a separate manufacturer and still have to source all your own fabrics, labels and packaging. Sounds rather complicated right? Not with us!

We offer full-service clothing production. This means that we can not only design and manufacture your clothes, but we can source all fabrics, trims, packaging and even offer a free marketing consultation as well. We take you through the whole process, from start to finish.

Here’s a breakdown of the three main stages to create a clothing collection for start-ups:

Stage 1 - Design

Design consultation - we discuss your initial ideas and build up a picture of your brand direction and the type of clothing you’re looking to make

Moodboard and initial designs - with your ideas in mind, we research what’s currently on the market and upcoming trends for inspiration to create a moodboard of styles for you to have a look at. We then create initial designs, which can be hand-drawn sketches if preferred or digitalised  

Tech packs - we create tech packs for each of your garments. Tech packs are essential as they tell the manufacturer how to make your garment. They contain a spec sheet with all the garment details, artworks, visual design and colour options (measurements and size charts can be added additionally)

Stage 2 - Development 

Fabric sourcing - we can source all fabrics for your garments. We will also send you swatches of the fabric so you can see and feel them for yourself to make sure you're happy with your choice

Pattern making - we have our own pattern making facility and create digital patterns graded in all sizes. The patterns are digitally drawn, based on the tech pack, then traced onto the fabric, and a CAD system cuts it out following the pattern outline

Prototype - we create prototypes of your ordered items so you can see what it will look like and make any alterations. The prototype is made from stock fabric and trims. This is purely to get an idea of the fit and how the design looks and performs in general.

Stage 3 - Manufacturing

Pre-production sample

We make a final sample of your bulk production with your chosen fabric and logo/branding as per your design, so you can provide final feedback before bulk production goes ahead. 

Bulk manufacturing

We have our own factory based in Europe where we carry out the bulk production of your order.

Packaging and labels

We can make and source all packaging and labels for your garments. We are big advocates of sourcing sustainable and recycled packaging and labels.

Logistics and delivery

Once the bulk production is complete, we then send all your garments to your place of choice, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing a courier.

We can also help you with any marketing questions about launching and promoting your business with a free* 1 hour marketing consultation. We take you through the essential marketing strategies you should have in place for your brand.