Tony Tinev

Production Manager

Hi my name is Tony Tinev and I'm the Production Manager at V House of Apparel.

Before I joined the VHA team I was a Production Manager at a clothing factory in Bulgaria for Evromoda, which makes collections for a big French lingerie brand called Lise Charmel and their daughter brand Antigel. The main manufacturing I've looked after is the manufacturing of collections, sampling and bulk for retail.  

As a Production Manager, I am in charge of what we call the critical path, which is the timeline of a clothing manufacturing where pretty much anything can go wrong. But I am the person that makes sure nothing goes wrong, which is not easy as a lot of people are involved in the whole process.

Smooth production is what every Product Manager likes to hear!

At the moment, I spend the majority of my time at our HQ in Norwich filling out spreadsheets with order quantities, sizing breakdowns, clients feedback, comments on samples, agreed fabrics, alterations etc.

Then, once a month I travel back to Bulgaria to make sure everything is going smoothly over at out factory. 

The three things I couldn't live without at work are Excel spreadsheets, a tape measure and a calendar.  

Tony tine production manager v house of apparel.jpg