Veronika Guardi

CEO & Founder

Hi my name is Veronika Guardi and I'm the main creative thinker and problem solver behind VHA. But, I also believe that ‘without a team there is no dream' and I've loved building a small but very hard working team around me.

My main responsibilities are design, communicating with our clients and overseeing the whole process all the way through to the final product.

I am a qualified fashion designer with experience working in a diverse range of design roles, from activewear to casual womenswear. This is where my passion for our company to offer such a wide range of products comes from.

I love mixing fashion with technical fabrics and details, especially pushing the boundaries of clothing. Evolution is so important in our constantly changing society with trends and technology. 

My style is versatile. I love wearing extravagant clothes for special occasions, but you can also find me in a super casual and comfortable outfit on an average day at the studio. 

The three things I couldn’t live without at work are Adobe Illustrator, fabric swatches and coffee!

veronika guardi ceo/founder v house of apparel.jpg