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Do you need help marketing your start-up brand?

We know it can be daunting entering a new industry, especially the fashion industry, which is why we've designed a start-up marketing package specifically for new brands.

Our guidance and advice is tailored to your needs and requirements. Gain essential knowledge of marketing tools to help kick-start your brand and build brand awareness.   

Want some freebies first? Visit our Marketing Resources page for some free tips, tricks and basic guides.

Start-Up Marketing Package

Tailored to your specific needs - the below are common topics that are covered.

1:1 initial phone/zoom consultation
in depth target market analysis
influencer marketing research
social media ads
content and copywriting
branding guide and visuals
SEO basics
competitor analysis 
website planning
photoshoot planning and moodboard
face to face meeting

Want to have a chat first and discuss what marketing areas you need help with?

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